Sunday, September 11, 2011

Photoshop- Intro to patterns

Patterns can be a fundamental part of any design. The best part is that they're not very hard to create.

To best teach how to create a pattern I'm going to create possibly the easiest one, the diagonal stripe.

1. Create a new document measuring 4*4 and make its background transparent.
2. now zoom in all the way and grab your pencil tool and set it at 1px black
3. draw a diagonal line like the one below.

4. Now grab the rectangular marquee tool and select the entire document.
5. Click edit then define pattern, and your done.


  1. Awesome little patterns to use right here.

  2. yeah, very nice post :) good blog :)

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  3. This is really helpful to create halftone dots, like the ones they use to shade manga drawings.

  4. Nice, A while ago I was looking for this, but then I gave up, is good to know how to do patterns from now on

  5. this is really helpful! I always had photoshop, but I never knew how to use it hahaha